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Database Typesetting

This is at the heart of our expertise – database and directory typesetting.

We can generate print ready pdf files directly from your database incorporating categorisation, indexing, listing enhancements and, of course, advertising. With several key advantages:


Once we have agreed the layout structure we can work together on all of the testing and initial proofing using your 'test' data well in advance of publication. Only once we are all happy with the results do we then need your 'live' or finalised data to go to the final proof – right at the end of the process.

We then produce the pdf files so that you can go to press extremely quickly.

This allows you to continue to work on the data, or sell advertising space, right up to the last minute.


The print ready .pdf files that Dataset Media produce for you can be used by any commercial printer - not just us.

This gives you complete independence to have your publication printed wherever you choose.

Lower Printing Costs

Since you are free to choose whichever printer you want you can get the benefit of any volume discounts you have agreed with your usual printer.

Equally you gain the freedom to revue the market and get the best value.

While we naturally hope that you will also consider printing with us the key is that you are no longer restricted to any one printer just because you need specialist data handling.

The printing industry is a buyer's market at the moment so make the most of it!


Just because you are free to choose we won't leave you to fend for yourself though. We are happy to liaise with your printer throughout production and even handle the distribution, warehousing and mailing for you if required.